Breaking Down in France

September 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Roadside  heading up to 2000m and black smoke starts coming out of the bonnet and things feel risky. You stop in a handy layby on a big hill, and you meet these guys…

roadside-2  Never mind the 80mph traffic coming up and down the mountain, they paint a very neat line down the middle, no bother! I can think of a few artists who might want to get their hands on one of these gadgets, but it was the superbly Gallic approach to driving a miniature Heath Robinson machine up the middle of the Alpine equivalent of the M62 with large containers of flammable liquid and lit cigarettes, to a man, that impressed me. I got an empty paint tin as a souvenir, handy for the laundry for the rest of the trip.


They even offered to try and fix our radiator, (by means of a secret hoover attachment on said Heath Robinson machine), but we declined. These guys were just way too overqualified, (ie. cool, French and sexy), for that.

Merci Encore!


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