Night on a Bare Mountain, 21 years ago

September 28, 2013 § 3 Comments

KhatmanduCrash2  ‘Have you been anywhere interesting? Please upload your photos!’…This is what the Wikipedia page says and so this is what I am doing. This is a rather unusual photo and I am including it on my largely unattended ‘blog’ in commemoration of an event that happened exactly 21 years ago today. This is  the tailplane of an aircraft that crashed into a mountain and it is indeed a striking image. I know because I went to the crash site several months later. It looked very much like this, except the initials of Pakistan International Airlines had been painted out, leaving something resembling what an offspring of Rothko might have done in a literacy test. I was told that this was the first thing that had been done when people reached the scene of the crash site, because apparently, it is not good PR to leave your company logo on a wreckage sticking out of a mountain. I wouldn’t know. Somewhere I have some drawings that are quite similar to this image, surprisingly so, as I did them before I visited the site. The image of part of a plane sticking out of a mountain is not something you imagine, or forget, in a hurry. Especially if  your mother was on that plane. There are no hard feelings, or memories come to that. Nothing at all. Except a date, 21 years ago today. That’s all.


§ 3 Responses to Night on a Bare Mountain, 21 years ago

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