And then there were three…

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Austin-after-mould A visit to the foundry where the original wax of Austin has been moulded and reproduced into 3 green wax casts. originals often come out of the mould somewhat damaged but in typically stalwart fashion Austin came through the whole process remarkably intact. His three offspring are, by comparison, like fragile shells…


Each wax cast will have a branch-like network of wax  ‘runners’ and ‘risers’ attached, before being invested (ie. filled and coated) with a thick build up of slurry and grit, which creates a fireproof mould. After the mould has dried the wax is burned out from inside, leaving a hollow void into which the bronze is poured. (The ‘runners’ and ‘risers’ are what allow the air to flow out and the metal to pour in and as these also become filled with bronze, they are then carefully filed off after the thick mould has been removed).3-Green-waxes

It is amazing to think this process has been in use for the last 6,000 years or so. Goodness knows how many horses have been modelled, carved, moulded and smelted during that time. Austin’s turn is next week. Watch this space…


Setting the Wheels in motion…

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wheels for a new body of work commemorating the centenary of the Great War, including recent studies made of the Royal Horse Artillery. The new work focuses on the timeless relationship between horse and man, to be explored in illustrations for the forthcoming publication of ‘Horse’ by poet Katrina Porteous; a ‘poem of many voices’ the work explores the landscape, myth and folklore of the Uffington White Horse and the place of horses, real and imagined, in English culture.

She has pulled your sledge, your wagon, your timber, your dung-cart,                         

Your imperial carriage, your chariot, your smoking gun.                                                       

You have trudged behind her                                                                                                                          

A million miles, smelling the fresh wet furrow…      

(excerpt from) ‘Horse’ by Katrina Porteous.

The new work will be exhibited at The Mount House Gallery in Marlborough, Wiltshire for the month of November. There will also be an exhibition of sculptures by Charles Poulsen and the booklaunch of ‘Horse’ will take place with a performance of the work on 25th November 2014 in conjunction with the exhibition.

More news anon.

Casting Austin in 2014

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Horse-B&W Austin – sculpture in wax, approx. 8 x 6″

Austin is a small wax horse and the first of a series of three sculptures I began last year.  He went on show at The Stone Wall Gallery in November in his wax ‘maquette’ form. For many years I have been fascinated by the process of bronze casting, and so it is with particular excitement that, as the result of a sale, I recently delivered Austin to a leading foundry, Powderhall Bronze, in Edinburgh, where he is to be moulded and cast later this month in a limited edition.

Austin-on-stool-colour i

Austin-in-gallery ii

Austin-at-foundry iii

i. In the studio July 2013

ii. At The Stone Wall Gallery, November 2013 alongside other works Lampedusa, Austin in Wellington Barracks and Pod, a sculpture in ash and cast lead by Charles Poulsen

iii. At the foundry January 2014

Austin is to go through the traditional lost wax process and will be produced as an edition of 9, patinated to capture the same tone as the wax maquette. No 2/9 will be on display at The Stone Wall Gallery in February with a further 7 available in the edition.

 In real life ‘Austin’ is a truly handsome full size horse who you can see a photo of here: He has recently retired  from pulling guns and is now grazing somewhere on the Isle of Wight and not, to my great regret, in the field nextdoor.

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