Setting the Wheels in motion…

January 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

wheels for a new body of work commemorating the centenary of the Great War, including recent studies made of the Royal Horse Artillery. The new work focuses on the timeless relationship between horse and man, to be explored in illustrations for the forthcoming publication of ‘Horse’ by poet Katrina Porteous; a ‘poem of many voices’ the work explores the landscape, myth and folklore of the Uffington White Horse and the place of horses, real and imagined, in English culture.

She has pulled your sledge, your wagon, your timber, your dung-cart,                         

Your imperial carriage, your chariot, your smoking gun.                                                       

You have trudged behind her                                                                                                                          

A million miles, smelling the fresh wet furrow…      

(excerpt from) ‘Horse’ by Katrina Porteous.

The new work will be exhibited at The Mount House Gallery in Marlborough, Wiltshire for the month of November. There will also be an exhibition of sculptures by Charles Poulsen and the booklaunch of ‘Horse’ will take place with a performance of the work on 25th November 2014 in conjunction with the exhibition.

More news anon.


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