Austin at the Stone Wall Gallery

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Austin-bronze  Austin (A/P), bronze

Austin-Drawing-and-sculpture On display at The Stone Wall Gallery and available as a limited edition of 9. Exhibition launch on Thursday 20th February 10am-8pm



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Vasalisa-edit-I Vasalisa (Chapter I) – etching with chine colle 107 x 78cm, one of the new works which will be included in the new exhibition opening at The Stone Wall Gallery next week.

Florence-&-the-press  Vasalisa & Monsieur Rochat

Austin in Bronze!

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Austin photo 3 ‘Austin’ has arrived back from his casting session. Here he is in fine bronze form, and available to view in person at The Stone Wall Gallery’s forthcoming exhibition (see details on previous post). Thank you to Powderhall Bronze in Edinburgh for doing such a fine job. For more information please contact Julie Aird at The Stone Wall Gallery.

Exhibition Opening

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Sheep-Pens-at-Yearle-edit With the arrival of the first snows and lambs there is a new exhibition opening at The Stone Wall Gallery. Exhibition Launch on 20th February from 10am-8pm with refreshments served throughout the day. See website for details: Exhibition open 20th February-23rd March

The Sheep Pens at Yearle – oil and metal collage on panel (43 x 65cm) is one of the works included. This depicts a rather busy (and somewhat fictionalised) day at the farm and was one of a series of paintings done in the Summer of 2012 whilst working on the Wellies book. Such a scene is impossible to imagine right now but the sight of grass, currently turned to mud, under snow or several feet of water depending where you are, is perhaps a welcome reminder of the Spring that is hopefully to come to us all when this winter is done.


Farm Horse – drypoint with monoprint 78 x 107cm, the first of a new series of works looking at farm horses from cobs to Clydesdales.

Kate Greenaway Medal 2014 – ‘Wellies’ on the longlist

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Floral-Dance-P.93-4 News has trickled in from various people who know what’s what in the world, particularly the world of books… ‘Where My Wellies Take Me…’ nominated some months ago for the Kate Greenaway Medal, has made it onto the ‘long’ list of 20 titles and, given the prestige of this much coveted award (which even I, one-time illustrator, has heard of!), this is very good news. Any gladiators or Olympic champions reading this might not understand why being in the top 20 anything is cause for celebration, but whilst there can be only one fastest runner, there can be 20 brilliant picture books, so here’s to being part of one of them and thank you to all the Librarians who voted!

The above artwork is a spread from the book, featuring the village of Iddesleigh in Devon, where the story (of Clare Morpurgo, written by Michael) is set. The additions of the brass band and (Breton) dancers were inspired by the poem that shares this page, ‘The Floral Dance’ by Katie Moss, but some might say the scene is not dissimilar to an average Saturday evening at The Duke of York…

For more information and pictures have a look here:

And if anyone wants to buy the book, it is available at lots of great independent bookshops, (isn’t it!), for anyone lucky enough to have one…


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