Standing To at Kings Cross

October 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

photo This is one of several photos I was sent by kind and audacious friends and acquaintances who either inhabit or have passed through the capital in recent months, though with the time it has taken me to get round to post it one would have thought we were still dependent on a coach and four to get news from there, rather than the far less attractive means of communication we now have at our disposal. I myself have not ventured so far afield for many moons, and I am not sure if it still there, but as anyone who grew up with The Hungry Caterpillar (amongst other masterpieces by Eric Carle) will understand, I was very excited indeed to have a picture of mine next to one of his (you can just see the backside of a Bear in the photo here), so I am posting it anyway! The hoardings are at or near Kings Cross, and erected by the House of Illustration who recently celebrated opening their shiny new doors to the public after many years of fundraising. Quentin Blake, whose brainchild this is, has his work showing there at present. For more information go to:

And this is the piece I contributed to one of their auctions at Sotheby’s as part of the fundraising. Called ‘The Log-Book of the Zanzibar’ I can’t resist posting it, showing, perhaps verging on blasphemy, one of our best loved writers in the bath…

The-Log-Book-of-the-Zanzibar-HOMEAnd now, before I am struck down by lightning, I shall go and get on with some work. Exhibition opens in 3 weeks time…



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