The Cabinet of Curiosities – Art for Auction!

November 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

gallery This is the cabinet at The Mount House Gallery and it is full of artworks, all available for sale for a very good cause.

montage  Please click on images below to enlarge…

cabinet-III Each artwork is labelled with a letter…

cabinet-I And the titles are as follows:

Field Gun & Gunner  /  B Field Guns & Forest   /  C Avro Lancaster   /  D Field Gun & Ramrod   /  E Cavalry   /  F Ruins    /  G Aircraft (Sopwith Camel variant)  /  H Cannon   /  I Landscape (Shellfire)   /  J Zeppelin & Searchlights  /  K Landscape (Two Towers)  /  L Battleship  /  M Gasmask   /  N Fighterplane & Strafe   /  O Trench   /  P Landscape (No-Mans Land)  / Q. Aircraft (Sopwith II)  R Stanley & Boy (or ‘Left Behind’)  All works except ‘E’ (pencil on mountboard) are charcoal or graphite on gesso panel, each measuring 4 x 6″

These drawings, most of which are done by children (though not all!) aged one and a half to nine years old, inspired by images of World War I, are on display in the current exhibition at The Mount House Gallery, Marlborough, Wiltshire. They are available to purchase by silent auction with 100% of the money raised going to Medecins Sans Frontiers, and in particular to the work MSF are doing in Syria and surrounding countries with casualties of and people displaced by the ongoing conflict. And here’s the thing, while we are struggling to think of things to buy for our loved ones this Christmas, other loved ones are struggling to survive in conditions we cannot imagine. So, why not buy a small but perfectly formed artwork for you or a friend to enjoy in the present (and, who knows, perhaps make millions for your offspring in the future!), solve the Christmas present problem, and help MSF do their work this winter.

To place a bid please email me:

or you can post an envelope to the gallery with your bid, name, email address or phone number enclosed. Address as follows: Olivia Lomenech Gill c/o Mount House Gallery, Marlborough College, Wiltshire, SN8 1PA The results and amount raised through the auction will be announced on 14th December, here, and on the MSF and Marlborough College websites.

Any queries, questions or comments about the work please do get in touch.


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