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imageI am delighted to announce that, amongst a rather distinguished company (with the UK entering 15 nominations for the first time ever!), ‘Where my Wellies Take Me…’ has been nominated for the Bratislava Biennale of Illustration 2015. I am particularly excited because, perhaps childishly, I have always wanted to be in a ‘Biennale’, (it just sounds good, even if it is basically the same word as for plants that come up every other year!), and also because this is one of the oldest international honours for children’s book illustrators so, Venice, move over, Bratislava here we come!

Here is a small gallery of the nominated work:

Thank you to whoever has nominated ‘Wellies’ to be part of this, I do feel a bit like Bilbo Baggins being taken off with the dwarves albeit in search of Golden Apples rather than Smaug’s hoard, no dragon to fight as far as I know. The UK nominations have been chosen by the International Centre for the Picture Book in Society and IBBY, the International Board on Books for Young People:

Let us all hope for a better world for young people everywhere, with good picture books in it, and where all young people can get to read them: that is one for the Conservative Party to build into their manifesto here in the UK for starters…let’s see. Good Pictures & Words, Clean Paper & Print!


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