‘The Monstrous Child’

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image ‘The Monstrous Child’, by Francesca Simon. I was delighted to be commissioned by Faber to create the cover artwork and inner ‘illuminations’ for the new novel by Francesca Simon. (A bit of a departure from Horrid Henry!).

Work in progress, showing etching plates depicting some of the of the seven Norse worlds, including Nilfheim, Alfheim, Muspelheim, Asgard, Jotunheim and also two of Hels’ several-legged siblings,  Fenrir and Sleipnir.


Editions of these etchings, plate size approx. 4 x 3″, are available from the workshop.


January 2016 – London Art Fair

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imageimage  ‘Standing To‘, ‘Haybales‘ and ‘Rafah Zoo‘ in the rather glorious company of Elizabeth Frink’s ‘Horse & Rider‘ and glassworks by Sam Herman.

Rollo Campbell Fine Art at the London Art Fair, January 2016

For more information, go to:



Pauline Burbidge’s ‘Quiltscapes’ at The Ruthin

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‘Quiltscapes & Quiltline’, new work by textile artist Pauline Burbidge. The exhibition has been on at The Bowes Museum since October, and is now moving to open at the Ruthin Craft Centre, North Wales, 23rd April – 10th July 2016 before touring to the United States after that.

The Ruthin Craft Centre is a leading venue for the applied arts and is well worth a visit in its own right. Pauline Burbidge’s exhibition features some of the largest quilts she has produced to date, employing increasingly diverse combinations of stitching, painting and cyanotype, to truly magical effect. Alongside these there are small ‘details’, some beautifully framed by Vincent Lomenech, as well as sketchbooks and a film providing a fascinating insight into the artist’s working processes.

For more information go to www.paulinebubidge-quilts.com

We were able to visit the Ruthin Craft centre on a recent trip to Wales, and found a boat beached in the courtyard. We have all had it bad this last winter, but only in Wales did someone actually build an Ark…! (Part of an exhibition by resident artist Mai Thomas, on until 15th May 2016).


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