A happy new year for poetry…

January 13, 2017 § 2 Comments

photo.jpeg…not ‘just’ Poetry Book of the Year but Book of the Year!! And why not? Congratulations to Kathleen Jamie for ‘The Bonniest Companie’, a brilliant anthology of poems, for which I was honoured to produce a cover artwork and which has recently won the Saltire Society ‘Book of the Year Award 2016’ (as well as ‘Poetry Book of the Year’!). Working with poets is my favourite kind of illustration, less words = more pictures, (only joking!!). Here’s to more poetry in 2017, especially given the new powers in charge; after all, who really wants a ‘war of the worlds’…?

PS. Congratulations to Waterstones in Edinburgh for the lovely display, and the collage technique…are you running workshops?


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