…and there is ‘Hope’

June 20, 2017 § 1 Comment
















Some of the wonderful species I got to meet and draw last year at Kielder Water Bird of Prey Centre, for the book I was working on. Having worked every weekend since, I had made a pledge to return at the first opportunity so off we went to do battle with the midges of Kielder once more. Incidentally, I have discovered why it is that the French have such good motorhomes with which to recreate the civilisation of being ‘chez eu’ mais ‘en marche’, (comme La Republique in fact!) and it is because they don’t like putting up tents. So being party to a Frenchman erecting our canvas palace whilst doing mortal combat with professional midges is something to behold. Only a 2yr old uttering the word ‘pooh’, just as all the poles were balanced in position for the flysheet to go on, and the realisation the toilet block is 500yrds away, could have increased the dramatic potential of the scenario!

But I digress. We love camping. And it was great to be back at KWBOPC, not just to see the many species of owls, hawks and eagles, from all over the world, but people who are so passionate that they spend everyday looking after these remarkable creatures and educating us ordinary folk about some of the incredible wildlife we share the planet with, (I say ‘share’, if only we were better at it…!). ‘Hope’ the Steller’s Sea Eagle has gone to another centre for a while, but ‘Sima’ the Sea Eagle still holds court and this time we also saw a Bateleur Eagle, a 2 month old Golden Eagle, an Ashy Faced Owl, as well as the now fully grown Barn Owl ‘Eden’ who I drew last time as a chick. Thank you to Ray Lowden and all the staff and volunteers for another inspiring and educational visit.



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  • Dal says:

    Such beautiful sketchings of the birds at Kielder. That’s my favourite Bird of Prey centre and Ray is so inspirational. So lovely to see these drawings here.

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