Olivia Lomenech Gill is a fine artist, printmaker and illustrator. She lives and works in Northumberland  with a paper conservator, 3 boys and a 3 ton printing press. To view more work please visit www.oliviagill.com

For Illustration, Olivia is represented by Alison Eldred: www.alisoneldred.com

alisoneldred@gmail.com  T: +44 (0) 1242 514878 /+44 (0) 7712 592155           30 Evesham Road, Cheltenham, GL52 2AB

For Fine Art & Sculpture, Olivia is represented by Rollo Campbell Fine Art: www.rollocampbell.com

enquiries@rollocampbell.com  T: +44 (0)7880 600308                                           Holland Park, London W9, by appointment only

Illustration work can also be viewed online or in person at The Illustration Cupboard: www.illustrationcupboard.com  + 44 (0) 207 976 1727                   22 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AL


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  • Hi Olivia- I just wanted to thank you so much for such an inspirational talk at the House of Illustration last night. I was feeling quite ‘low’ about my illustration work but your words reinvigorated me and I am approaching ‘long shelved’ ideas today with refreshed eyes and renewed enthusiasm! Thank you!- Katy

    • olivia145 says:

      Well, even if I hadn’t thoroughly enjoyed the launch, which I did, what you say makes it all the more worthwhile. Thank you and good luck with all the artistic journeys ahead of you! Keep in touch.

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